Medical from Professor Jean Solomides

The company “Kimicor Pharma” was established in June 2016 in Sofia with the aim to notify and to place on the market the food supplements T.I.B. of Professor Solomides. Kimicor Pharma aims to offer these products worldwide from its base in Sofia, Bulgaria. The other company, belonging to the family group in Italy is "Laboratorio Chimicor". Here is the story of this laboratory:

Chimicor was born in 1996 in Rossano Veneto, a small town of Vicenza in the Veneto countryside. It is here that the spouses Wrastor-Cortese decide to open a laboratory for the production of homeopathic products and dietary supplements.

Dr. Alix Wrastor, physician and researcher for over 50 years with Jean Solomides dealing with homeopathy and natural medicine, was the first physician to bring healing in the Veneto region, after years of research and dissemination in 1996 with her husband decides Eng. Cortese, founding the laboratory Chimicor.

Today Chimicor, still led by Dr. Montier, son of Dr. Wrastor, is well established company, on the market with a wide range of products, homeopathic, nutritional supplements, and herbal medicine, is in operation in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores.

Product innovation and sustainability, these are the values on which chimicor are founded.

We guarantee high quality products, manufactured in fully respecting the environment and natural resources.